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Durrahs Mission

You gotta make a change. It’s time to make changes; change the way you eat, change the way you live, your drive to workout, your sleeping patterns, and your recovery. It’s time to make yourself the priority.

We all want to be happy. But in order to attain happiness, we need a solid foundation of physical and mental health. And it all starts here.

Being a worldwide top professional contender in the fitness industry, With 15 years of experience, and a record of over 7000 *customized programs* made in the last two years alone, it’s time you make a change, because your wellness deserves the best.

The program will consist of a 12 week diet plan, along with a complete workout and supplement program to follow to achieve the physique and shape you have always wanted. In addition, at week 6 you will get a full free evaluation and an upgrade to the program if needed, for free.

Have doubts? Click below and check out the transformations, the testimonials, and what some top celebrities had to say.

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Durrah has transformed thousands of clients to this day, creating custom plans that suit their everyday needs, not one individual is the same so there is no cookie cutter programs here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Needs This Program

Anyone trying to improve his lifestyle, get healthier, lose weight, or gain muscle.

Is this only for bodybuilders?

Absolutely not. 90% of our clients are regular people, fathers, mothers, who have regular jobs, and just want to improve their shape and health!

Is the Program hard to follow? I have a rough work/school schedule!

The diet is actually designed around YOUR own schedule! Every meal is placed around your day, including the workout times. Program should improve your life and not make it for difficult! That’s why in the form we ask about your daily schedule in detail.

What if I don’t see results?

There is a very low chance of that happening, BUT if it does, not to worry! At the end of your 6th week you get a FREE consultation and UPDATE to your plan, that way we ensure that by the end of the 12 weeks you are satisfied!

How long does it take to make the program?

Because the program is very detailed and fully customized, we do have a bit of a waiting list. Once the form is submitted, you will receive your plan within 3 weeks.

What if I have questions when I receive the plan?

When you receive your program, you will also have a different email to send all your questions to at no extra cost, we got you covered and you’re in safe hands!

Success Stories

  • "Dude, your program is really accurate, amazing, more than what I thought and exactly what I need. Million thx to you"

    Hussain Ibrahim 30
  • "Real professional.  And I can feel that you genuinely want me to improve. Really grateful for what you’ve done to help me."

    Alex Lam 24, Hong Kong. Founder of @fityohk
  • “Your plan is perfect. I can see you did put a lot of effort into it. Thank you, sir.”

    Ahmed Altoumaimi
  • “This is great. Very customized to my needs and schedule and very detailed diet and workout plan.  Although I’ve read many positive reviews on your programs, this is actually better than I expected.”

    Hesham El Sherbini , 39, Egypt
  • “The program you did for me is awesome. I’m seeing changes almost everyday. Energy levels are up and I’m feel great.  Thanks Durrah!”

    Ray Samir 38, Toronto, CA
  • “Hi Durrah. It’s been 3 months since I started your program. Super happy with it.  Lost 5 kilos at a much faster rate than I have before. I’d like to upgrade to full coaching if we can, for 3 months. Let me know the steps, please. Thanks again.”

    Diego F. Serrano 33, Edmonton, CA
  • “Durrah! You’re a freakin’ genius! I love you! Don’t how know how you did it, but I’m looking the best I have ever, can’t wait for summer! Spain here I come!”

    Diego Guillen 32, Miami, USA
  • “Hello Coach. Honestly I’m surprised. The level of detail is incredible, everything is crystal clear. You actually took my notes seriously, and made a plan that works for me. Will definitely spread the word.”

    Sobhi Khalilo 35, Saudi Arabia
  • “Ok! That blew me away, I’m already losing weight reading this!! <3 This is the most detailed plan I’ve ever my eyes on.  The food mentioned, how to train, sets, reps, all timed to every hour, this is amazing! Thank you champ, my Allah bless you!”

    Muhammad Saad 35, Egypt
  • “Duuuuude. Really like this. Very detailed. Thank you.”

    Joseph Melki 19