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How It Works

Interested in purchasing a customized program from Durrah, below are some frequently asked questions that clients have asked in the past.


Are the meals plans given in macros, or the actual food?

The meals are actually written down as the actual foods to eat, how much to eat of whatever is given (in grams), and when to eat it based on your work schedule. I’m experienced enough to know the macros of x amount of whatever food is given to you.

How long does it take to make the program?

Since each program is designed by me alone, it takes about 10 to 14 days to make after payment is processed.

Will you monitor my progress or can we be in touch?

With programs, I do not monitor you, that’s what coaching is for. I do however answer any questions you may have regarding the program, and I even make time to answer small questions far after the program is submitted.

Top Transformation Clients

The results of Durrahs online coaching speak for themselves, take a look at these athletes great progress made in just months of hard work by following Durrahs tailor made programs and diets.

Tommy LeClair

Mr. Canada GrandMaster (Over 55) Middle Weight Champion

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Jerrico Gray

2016 Mr. Nova Scotia

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David Miller

2016 Mr. Newfoundland & Mr. Canada Atlantic

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Humberto Kauffman

2016 Mr. Manitoba

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Evan Gerard


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Krystle Spence


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Amr Wahba


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Client Before & After

Durrah has transformed thousands of clients to this day, creating custom plans that suit their everyday needs, not one individual is the same so there is no cookie cutter programs here.


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